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Харвардын их сургуульд тэнцсэн топ эссэнүүд

Харвардын их сургуульд тэнцсэн топ эссэнүүд

Сайн байна уу? Юуны өмнө та бүхэнд энэ өдрийн мэндийг хүргэе. Та бүхэн дэлхийн шилдэг их дээд сургуулиудад элсэн орохыг хүсдэг бол мэдээж application process-ийн хамгийн чухал хэсэг болох эссэгээ хэрхэн бичих вэ хэмээн толгойгоо гашилган сууж байж магадгүй юм. Тиймээс энэ удаад бид дэлхийн томоохон сургуулиудын нэг болох Харвардын их сургуульд амжилттай тэнцсэн 3 эссэг бэлдсэн байгаа. Энэ эсээнүүдээс санаа аван амжиллтай эссэ бэлдэж дэлхийн топ их сургуулиудад элсэн ороосой хэмээн хүсье.

Sunday in grade school my dad and I would watch ESPN Primetime Football. Playingimagined Chris “ESPN” Berman’s voice as he analyzed the fantastic catch I hadmade for a touchdown when – with a start – the doctor strode in. damp with nervousmy grades and “college transcript” achievements when even my friends poked funof the short kid? What good was it to pray, or to genuinely live a life of love? Nomatter how many Taekwondo medals I had won, could I ever be considered trulyathletic in a wiry, five foot five frame? I could be dark and handsome, but could Iever be the “tall” in “tall, dark and handsome”? All I wanted was someone special tolearned that height isn’t all it’s made out to be. I ‘d rather be a shorter,compassionate person than a tall tyrant. I can be a giant in so many other ways:intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

California for example, my teachers constantly praised my “duck and cover” skills.in hide-and-go-seek. (I’m the unofficial champion on my block.)Lincoln once debated with Senator Stephen A. Douglas – a magnificent orator,nationally recognized as the leader of the Democratic Party of 1858… and barely fiveI remembered Senator Douglas and imagined that I would one day debate with a future president. (It helped to have a tall, lanky, bearded man with a stove-top hattalk with me that afternoon.) But I could just as easily become an astronaut, if notfor my childlike, gaping-mouth-eyes-straining wonderment of the stars, thenmaybe in the hope of growing a few inches (the spine spontaneously expands in theActor. Michael J. Fox (5’5”) constantly uses taller actors to his comedic advantage.Height has enhanced the athleticism of “Muggsy” Bogues, the shortest player in theexploring its impact on one’s life. Shim’s strategy is for the reader to understand hisable to grow. We are taken on a tour of what makes Shim tick. Being short hasshaped and influenced his outlook on the world, yet it has not diminished his goals.the essay not only lets us into Shim’s thoughts on being small but tells us his variedhow his height “doesn’t limit him” he has shown us why.

writing – some in bold handwriting hardly revised, others uncertainly jotted downcompletely marked up and rewritten. Flipping through the thin pages, I smile,remembering from careless thoughts to assassinate prose to precisely wordedpoems, this journal marks a year of my life as a writer.In junior year, my English teacher asked us to keep a journal for creative writing, aschange rejection:I can tell he wouldn’t read it right wouldn’t let the meaning sink into him slow anddelicious it would sound awful through his careless eyes I want him to open himselfstreet and into the woods behind it. Crab apple trees scented the fall air and thewinding dirt paths went on forever. I’d drop my bike at the base of a tree and climbMy family is very important to me. My mother has a huge extended family and we allitems in the apartment, it is way past its prime. It is matted down in most places,I will always treasure memories of sleep-away camp and the friends I fell in lovewith there. Many of these people I have managed to keep in touch with, but I regretLeaving a party one night, I forgot to return the sweatshirt I had borrowed:

And breathe in its smell

I smile quietly

It smells like him

I often sit in class and let my imagination take me wherever I want to go. I love toread stories of mythic Camelot or the legendary Old South, losing myself in my favorite books:

Kaleidoscope fantasy

And courtly kingdoms

Of passion and romance

And high seas adventureAnd singing with non-stop noise

story of who I am. It is the closest I can get to even beginning to answer that difficult I guess I do know one thing about who I am.

takes a risk.

Like many college applicants, Pullman is interested in writing. Her essay standsapart form the pack because she doesn’t simply tell the admissions officer she likesEvery high school senior has heard stories of college applicants who, in the quest toexcerpts may be, Pullman prefaces many of them with somewhat cliché transitions which weaken the underlying premise of the piece – that Pullman’s unique writinghelp articulate her unique personality. Her creative writing is exciting andinteresting; her more academic writing is less so.Once, on my way to a wrestling tournament, I was so engulfed in thought overwhether living in an abode which rotated near the speed of light would result in myI have many lessons yet to learn. Thus the most valuable knowledge I possessreminds me how little knowledge I have.

Often times people make the mistake of assuming that mutually exclusive qualitiesopposites create a dialectic utterly more profound and beautiful than its parts. Waltcherish the dreams that I have. Admittedly, it is tragic when one is so absorbed infantasy that he loses touch with reality. But it is equally tragic when one is so absorbed in reality that ho loses the ability to dream. When a healthy amount ofreality and fantasy are synthesized, the synergy is such that something beautifulwill undoubtedly result.

This applicant addresses the proverbial question of “Who Am I?” In doing so, heexpresses, both implicitly and explicitly, his hobbies, extracurricular activities, andOverall, this essay is well written and easy to read. The introduction is strong in thathonestly. Another storng point of the essay is that it reveals many of the activities inapplicant, in many ways it is too theoretical. The writer could improve the essay by jump from one topic to the next in a disjointed fashion. For example, it is interestingto know that the applicant worked at a nursing home, but mentioning such does notsuch things.



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